5 Ways to make your brand stand out.

In the current market where more and more businesses are starting up or getting more tech-savvy and showing up online. It is more important than ever to make sure that make your brand stand out. When you work in your brand on a daily basis, it can often be difficult to see the bigger picture. Having a really clear understanding of your values and personality as a brand is absolutely crucial for any business owner. Making a brand guide will help you get really clear on this.

Make your brand stand out

1. Consistancy

Having personality, values, and clear messaging, all play a major part in building a brand. Not to mention adding brand story and images into the mix. Consistency throughout the brand from your website, your marketing, the design and all your visuals is what will make your brand stand out.

If you look at the likes of the big brands out there that have been around a long time – most of their branding has stayed very similar or the same. Make sure you are not changing your branding too often. Yes, as the business grows and develops tweak the branding or introduce some new colours but make sure there is still an element of consistency.

Make your brand stand out.

To make your brand stand out you need to listen to your customers.

2. Listen & Build relationships.

Listening to your customers is another great way we can build brand presence. In the book “They ask, you answer” they talk about how to listen to your customer’s questions and then answer them in your marketing.

Don’t underestimate the power of listening to your audience to get a better understanding of what they need. Make sure you are the solution to the underlying problem and put their needs first before yourself.

Stay curious and if you don’t know their questions, just have some conversations with past clients or potential clients or even use social media to find out more.

3. Creating Content to make your brand stand out.

Creating content puts you in front of your audience very quickly but you can’t just put any content out there and expect to stand out.

Keep your content engaging and interactive so that it spurs your audience to take action. There are so many ways to do this like Polls, questions, infographics and other visuals like reels and mimes. If you keep posts interesting they will help make your brand stand out.

Content is a great way to stay fresh in your audience’s mind – they say it takes an average of 7 interactions before a customer will consider purchasing from you. These 7 interactions are often not all in the same medium.

Create engaging content to make your brand stand out.

Stay informed and knowledgeable will make you the go to expert and help make your brand stand out.

4. Stay informed/knowledgeable

Staying informed about your industry and of events in line with your brand ethos is another great way to make you appear like an expert in your field.

Is there an event coming up that speaks to the heart of your audience and aligns well with your brand?

Are you keeping on top of trends in your industry and how things are changing?

Maybe even support a charity that aligns with your beliefs and values.

5. Photography & Video

90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. Potential customers are much more likely to engage with an image or a video.

Using a photo or video to invoke an emotion or feeling is likely to have a lasting reaction and is much more likely to be remembered than a block of text.

They say a picture paints a thousand words – it can tell a story, invoke emotion and make your audience curious to know more in a matter of seconds.

Video can increase conversion rates by 80% when used on landing pages. They are a great way to engage your audience for longer and give them more information.

Stand out with diverse thought provoking images and video.

If you would like some help getting clear on your brand values, personality and story and how to incorporate that into your brand with photography and video I would be happy to have a chat. on how I help my clients.

I can take you through how I help clients convey their brand message, story, personality through images that will make your audience, stop, take note and pay attention to your brand.

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