Brand Photography Mistakes – 5 mistakes I see constantly when it comes to brand photography.

I often have clients come to me because they are not happy with their brand photography. Here are the brand photography mistakes I see on a regular basis. There is so much that needs to go into a brand photoshoot to ensure you get it right so make sure you put the effort in before the shoot to get the best results.

All you need is a good headshot.

1. Brand photography is more than just a headshot. It should tell the story of your business. While headshots play their part. Photography can engage your audience and get your ideal clients to notice you. Not only that but it helps them connect with you. They will form an opinion about you. Your brand photography can grow your business if you choose the right images. It will help your audience connect with you, respect you and trust you. If they trust you they are more likely to buy from you. Yes, they need to see what you look like but that is such a small part of building your brands photography. Branding is the feeling people are left with after they have come in contact with your brand. This includes the photos you choose to represent you.
Rush into the shoot without planning.

2. Clients always come to me in a rush. “I just need some photos for my website and social media” But if you don’t plan, you won’t get the results you have imagined. There is so much more to panning a brand shoot. You need to plan who you are trying to connect with and how to do that. Locations and wardrobe are also a very important part of getting it right. Make sure you look and feel your best. Props and what to incorporate are another essential part of a shoot. A good photographer should help you through the planning process.
Any photographer will do.

3. Hiring a photographer that is not a specialist in the field of branding. This is the biggest mistake I have seen. Often this is a decision made to save money. A client come to me recently because he had hired a photographer that had never photographed people before. When he received his images they were not up to standard. Make sure you look at the photographer’s portfolio. Making sure it is in line with your style and what you want is the key to getting good photos.
Following the crowd.

4. Creating cookie-cutter images that are the same as your competitors. Staging images that are obviously staged is also a mistake. (ie no tea in the cup you are holding!)

Make sure that you are staying true to your values and personality. When it comes to the images you choose to capture. Think about how you can connect with your audience. Share parts of yourself that are unique or personal to you. This can include hobbies or passions too. I often see photos of entrepreneurs sitting on their phones at a coffee shop. If this is how you spend your time then great. But, don’t do it because everyone else is. Think about how you can make your images stand out. Dare to be different. Having a photographer that you can brainstorm some ideas with will make a huge difference when it comes to this.

Choosing the wrong photographer.

5. This is the biggest brand photography mistake I see. 90% of getting a good photograph after the technical ability is the ability to get your subject to relax and have fun. – If you haven’t connected with the photographer and had time to get to know them before your shoot – the likely hood of you feeling stiff and uncomfortable when they are taking your photo is far greater than if you have built up a rapport and can have a laugh and some fun. 

Choose a brand photographer whose work you love, that specialises in brand photography and who can help you with some brand strategy. This will help you avoid these brand photography mistakes. Before the shoot, planning will help you get to know your photographer and is the best chance to get images that are in line with your brand. All of this will help you have the most impact with your photographs and will result in a great return on investment when they help you stand out and attract new clients.

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