Creating a Mood Board for your brand.

Creating a Brand Mood Board is a great way to help you understand what you want your brand to look and feel like. Whether you are just starting out or are thinking of rebranding, pulling a Mood Board together is going to help you visualize your brand.

If you are using a graphic designer to build your brand, or if you are doing it for yourself, it is great to start understanding what you like and what you don’t like. It is also a great way to help a designer or brand photographer understand your vision for your brand.

I ask my clients to provide me with a Mood Board before their shoot so that I can understand the colour, tones and look and feel of their brand.

Creating a mood board with Pinterest.

I recommend using Pinterest when putting a Mood Board together. It is a great tool for pulling ideas together and then getting a big overview. The above image is a Mood Board that was given to me by a start-up bar to give me a look and feel for what they wanted to achieve from their brand images. It helped me understand the mood of the brand with ease, and what they had in mind.

I also recommend you do this with fonts that you like or that draw you in. It’s a great way to bring fonts into your brand that are unique or different and match your brand style and personality.

Creating a brand mood board for fonts.

When a client shares their Pinterest board with me, I then put my own Mood Board of their brand together. This usually includes their logo, if they have one, their brand colours with the colour values, the fonts and some images that represent the brand well.

This is great to have on file for when you are putting out marketing content. Each time I am putting together a flyer, Instagram post, or creating marketing I always have my Mood Board out as a reference so that I can make sure all my content is on-brand.

My brand mood board.

For help with choosing brand colours check out my blog on colour psychology and how it can attract your ideal client. It explains how particular colours make you feel and gives examples of brands that have used them to their advantage.