How to strengthen your Brand on Social Media.

First impressions count. Whether it is face to face, over zoom or through your social media. People will quickly form an opinion about you based on their first impression of you. The reality is that social media plays a major role in how you are perceived before potential clients even interact with or meet you. Even more so when you are trying to build a business. Below are some ideas on how to strengthen your Brand on Social Media.

Your social media is your shop window so you want it to be inviting and look professional to entice new potential clients and customers through your doors.

If you want to make sure that your social media is in top shape so that your audiences first impression is a good one then here are a few guidelines you can follow.

How to strengthen your Brand on Social Media.

Use your face not your logo.

Having a photo of yourself rather than your logo is key in building trust. People buy from people so make sure you are visible in your business. You want your photo to look professional, even if it is a selfie, or you have a friend take it – make sure its not just a crop of a photo you have when you have been out on the town with your friends as this is unlikely to give the right impression.

Perfect Your Bio

An inconsistent bio is not going to do your personal brand any favors. The best thing you can do is turn your elevator pitch into a bio and to ensure that you’re using the same bio across all platforms.

Choose your visuals wisely

Have a professional Brand Photography session so you have a bank of on-brand images to choose from and use. This will not only save you time but ensure that you strengthen your brand across all your social media platforms. Striking, professional and on-brand photographs will  create a good and lasting first impression across all your social media. Click here to view a session.

Reserve Your Handles and Domains

Even if you aren’t using certain social media platforms just yet, it’s best to reserve your handles as soon as you can – the same goes for your domain. If you are just getting started on social media, have the same handle, or at least similar handles, across all platforms.

Think Twice about Your Content.

Be selective about the content and social media posts that you publish. Everything you post online has the potential to be stuck online forever, which means it will forever be associated with your personal brand. Consider the words as well as the images you will be using – are they a true representation of your personal brand?

Be Consistent.

If you want to market your personal brand online, consistency is key. You can’t post something whenever the mood strikes, not if you want to build trust and a sound reputation. Have a social media strategy. Plan your social media posts and blog posts so that your audience is hearing from you on a regular basis. It’s also important to keep an eye on comments and to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Social media is a powerful personal branding tool. It works if you are commit to keeping your profiles updated. Stay consistent and stay engaged.

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