The Power of Brand colour.

What’s your colour?

Choosing your brand colours for your business goes far deeper than just finding a colour you like and sticking with it. There is much more to choosing the right colour that will reflect in your brand.

I remember having my colours done for my wardrobe – I am a summer so my colours are all lovely and bright but when it came to my business – that wasn’t going to work. I tried lots of options before finally deciding on the colour pallete.

Colour has a big influence on our emotions and behavior. It provokes feelings.

You should, of course like the colours you choose for your brand, but you also need to ensure that it appeals to your ideal client. How do you want it to make them feel?

Colour is a power that directly influences the soul.”

Wassily Kandinsky

Having three or four colours that you can use across your brand is recommended as it will give variety to your brand and contrast. Make sure you pair colours together that not only look good together but that will evoke the emotion you are hoping for from your audience and potential clients.

Social media is a great way to get feed back on the colours you have chosen. You can add them to your story and get your followers to vote for their favourite colour pallete.

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Brands have been using colour psychology for a long time.

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My advice when it comes to colour.

  • Colour influences emotion and behaviour so if you want shoppers to buy your products or spend more money, having an understanding of colour psychology will be useful.

  • Colour evokes emotion so think about what you want your ideal client to feel when they interact with your brand and products.

  • While it is important to like your brand colours, it is also important to take into consideration what your ideal client will like. Think about what emotions you want them to feel and about what each colour means.

What colours mean and how they make you feel.


Blue is the colour of our oceans it symbolises trust, sincerity and loyalty. It is confidently calm with an air of authority. Power, Integrity and understanding, It represents loyalty.


Orange shows warmth, optimism and spontaneity. It is young, social and free. It appeals to the extrovert. It can be impulsive and motivated.


Red is passionate, active and exciting. It grabs attention. It is youthful and has bold energy. It shows ambition and leadership. Its a pioneering, powerful colour.


Turquoise is cool & constant it represents communication between the heart and the spoken word. It is Elegant & sophisticated.


Surrounds us in nature, in our forests. It represents growth, spirit, sanctuary and balance. There is something positive and generous that shows a stability and provides a safe equilibrium.


Pink is a loving calm feminine colour its intuitive and caring but still assertive. It has an unconditional sense and is full of possibility. It shows long term respect.


Purple has depth. It’s creative and unconventional. It can be fantastical and shows originality. It has compassion and modesty but is still distinguished and respectable


Yellow is a fun, happy and cheerful colour. Its creative and logical with a lightness about it. It is youthfully optimistic.


Power, mystery and calm. With an emphasis on control, discipline and elegance. It has an intimate authority. It can be sleek with a touch of the dramatic. It often is in contrast with white.


White represents purity & innocence. It conveys cleanliness, freshness, simplicity. It symbolises new beginnings. In contrast it can feel cold and isolated.


Silver relates to the moon. The ebb and flow of the tides. It reflects back the energy given out. It is glamorous and sophisticated. It symbolises prosperity and modernity.


Brown is the colour of stability & reliability. It is dependable and comforting. An honest colour that stabilises us to stay grounded.